We spent years carefully writng and editing "Red, White & Blues" & the updated "Positive Waves" books, but as with any book it is possible for a few typos to slip through to the printed page. We'll use this Web page to post any updated corrections, as we find them.


These corrections of previous editions are included in the 2013 edition of the paperback
book now titled Positive Waves: a history of Indianapolis Racers hockey 1974-1979.

Page 13: name spelling: "... New England Whalers' Nick Fotiu."

Page 23 & 130:
name spelling: "Ben Hatskin Award."

Page 24: It’s interesting to note the WHA won the majority of the more than 70 pre-season exhibition games against the NHL.

Page 27: a sentence should read, "For the six years after the merger, three of the top 10 NHL scorers were former WHA players..."

The spelling of several other player names have also been corrected.

Not a correction, but an addition to the stats chapter:
The first exhibition game for the Racers vs an NHL team was on October 4, 1974. Indianapolis tied the Detroit Red Wings
3-3 in front of 3,523 in Fort Wayne, Indiana (on the ice of the minor league Ft. Wayne Komets). We've recently found a snippet of
film footage from this game, too, and the Racers wore their home white sweaters.

These corrections of previous editions are included in the 2018 edition of the paperback:

Page 129: International Games corrections

January 1, 1978: Soviets 4, Racers 2
January 10, 1978: Soviets 8, Racers 3
March 22, 1978: Finland 4, Racers 3
March 17, 1978: Racers 6, Sweden 3